Ruining Hipster Pictures
Go follow this guy because he’s super cool
Just got an ask telling me to stop “ruining” pictures.

I mean okay if you insist.

hahaha i died over that rabbit question, SO relevant

Hahaha I did too tbh. I guess they must have seen the picture I posted on Easter? idk

Why is nothing in Comic Sans?

Because I’m not funny enough for that font (ha. ha ha. get it?).

how did you house train your rabbits

Rabbits learn very quickly. As long as you have an adequate amount of space and not a tiny cage, they pick up on litter boxes in a heartbeat. If you buy just a cat litter-box, put it in a trash bag to line it, line the now covered box with newspaper and pine litter (sold at any farm or pet store), you have yourself a rabbit litter box. Then just put hay on one side of the box (it helps with their digestion). If you want any more information, just ask, anon or not. I’d love to help.

If I send you some already done submissions will you post them?

Most likely, yes!